Monday, February 24, 2014

"See you later" Ireland

By: Kevin Marthinsen, Humber's Study Abroad Student

December 2013

With the last roommate gone, I stand the last remaining resident of apartment 15 L.

I find myself reflecting more and more about my time here in Waterford (mind you, with no one to talk to in the apartment, there leaves a lot of time for reflection). I remember back in August writing a letter to Humber College for an application I was submitting in hopes of receiving a special ‘study abroad bursary’ that the college offers. In that letter I had explain how I would benefit from this experience. What I wrote then and how I feel now are completely different. It might be cliché to say, but

--- I truly believe that I have learned more about myself while overseas than I thought possible ---

(especially being someone who came here not knowing anyone). More than just making new friends, I will truly miss this place; but I suppose, it’s never goodbye, it’s see you later.

To give you a short update as to “what’s up,” classes here finished on the 6th of December, and as for myself, exams were wrapped up December 16th. As I am writing this, every student here has already written their last exam and each morning, I can say with confidence, over 90 per cent of the students here are waking up with a dreadful hangover. Not just any hangover, but the type that makes you vow against this devilish liquid that courses through your veins. However we all know this abstinence from alcohol is never upheld, for alcohol is one of the longest love-hate relationships Generation Y has.

In the next two days, the only responsibilities I have are to pack, and to try and not spend a small fortune on over-weight luggage. Aer Lingus, which is the national airline for Ireland, is probably the most crooked airline I’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure of flying with. Their checked-baggage policy is nothing short of a stick-up. My route back to Canadia on Monday is an early flight from Dublin to London Gatwick, and then from London Gatwick to Toronto. After flying RyanAir so many times since being over here, I’m probably more excited than someone should be about seats that recline on a plane. Oh how I’ve missed you!

Some of the last items of business I’ve conducted here is trying to sell off some household items I’ve purchased and no longer require. I think I’ve gone a little overboard in trying to hustle some of the other students for cash because I found myself selling off my unused eggs. A new low for me I can assure you.

To end, I’ll just quickly talk about the significance of the photo attached with this blog entry. The bar we are standing in front of is called Phil Grimes Pub, owned and operated by a barman named Tom.  Over the last four months, after stumbling into his pub by chance during the first week in September, the group in the featured picture got to know Tom, and he really made an impression on us. I’ve never been to a bar that has felt more like my own living room; one that is pleasantly mixed with locals and students, and that was our own version of Cheers—“Where everybody knows your name”. The photo taken was a gift for Tom that we had enlarged and framed, and now hangs on the wall in the pub.

It’s been one hell of an experience, sad too see go, but happy that I’ll be seeing my old friends back home in Canada very shortly.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bali Half Day Tour | The Coolest Tourist Hot Spot For 2014

As the top vacationer destination in the world, Bali is a tourist and vacationers haven like no other because it offers a celebration for the human being feelings. There are mile after mile of desire worth shorelines covered with pristine within the south and black mud in the n . and western shoring crystalline seas and coral reefs. On land there is a modern green with the attractive balconies of paddy areas, along the volcanic inclines in a tropical island of just 5,632 km and also the ponds and mountain tops.

 It was not right up until 1930 that a few of the international travel article writer arrived at Bali and remained on, carefully seduced and influenced from the island destinations breathtaking physical attractiveness and ethnic complexity. What impressed them even more was the warmth and the food of the Balinese, and also the incredible width of creative phrase that pervaded daily life.

 By the 1970's Bali had transformed itself into a top quality visitor interest, and attracted several real tour workers and airlines companies to create their customers to savor this charming tropical isle. The area boasts of an International Airport terminal, five star Bali accommodations, luxury Indonesia villas, luxury and typical private hotels and many hundreds of budget resorts.

 Permit nothing come in relating to the holiday intend to Bali as this the most effective island heaven in the world offering the best luxurious villa stay choices on earth. It is no surprise the Bali has been voted the because the best visitor destination to visit last year. The best way to book your preferred luxurious Bali rental property is go online and visit a hotel reservation web site you can also lookup a dependable Bali Tour Operator elizabeth-mail them for more information.

 Vacationers to Bali from around the globe are actually finding the freedom of staying in the high end Indonesia apartment when coming to the tropical isle of Bali. Site visitors and visitors no longer the requirement restrain their lodging to resort rooms and also the features of mass vacation like a luxury Indonesia rental property delivers ample room, privateness, home conveniences and personalized, nice Balinese welcome and repair.

 Luxury Indonesia villa rentals have huge pools that continue to be open up round the clock, generously decorated sun outside patio's, partial-available rooms, fully outfitted kitchen areas, distinctive restroom services and fully air-brainwashed bedrooms. An extravagance Indonesia apartment is a cost effective and endearing getaway option for households with kids or would make the perfect intimate refuge for couples and newly-weds on their honeymoon likewise.

 Luxury Bali holiday villas nestled between terraced grain areas offers the best experience with magnificent exotic dwelling where the vacationers face the weather of overall rest in privacy and unhindered independence to use the spaces, should they elect to. The best high end Bali holiday villas are simply in numerous near to the cut rice fields of Umalas that will overpower any website visitor having its breath taking natural beauty.

 There is a spectacular high end apartment called the Mia Rental property which sits on 2500 sq . yards of warm greenery with spectacular opinions of the rice career fields around which makes it the ideal escape to deal with your friends and relations to hrs of inside and outside entertaining, amusement, rest and relaxation. If you are a honeymooning few or in a small grouping of relatives and buddies, this high end Indonesia apartment is the best stay to take pleasure from the luxurious of privacy, an intimate marriage ceremony, or even to entertain over a large.

 The beauty of villa is highlighted with a beguiling mixture of modern day Balinese home furniture and western practical urbanity that can incredible even the most discerning and stylish traveller. There is something for every website visitor or tourist to Indonesia - from supplying an exciting nightlife to soft sand seashores and untouched normal heat and peace, Bali is the place being this holidays.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Enjoy Indonesia At its Best Bali Private Tour

In case you are considering likely to Indonesia, then definitely the region of choice for you'll be Indonesia. The area of Bali, also called this tropical isle of Gods, is a fantastic combination of unique spiritualism and tradition and spectacular scenery like barren volcano slopes, moved rice terraces, mountains, hillsides, cliffs and white soft sand beaches. You need to know that whenever browsing this wonderful spot, you can also benefit from lot of different Indonesia trips. With the help of a Bali private visit you will get to determine lots of different wonderful issues with the aid of helpful information.

Planning for a getaway can be a very nerve-racking career, specifically when you're with limited funds: searching for plane tickets, trying to find an ideal lodging inside the best place on earth and looking for all of the incredible things you can do there. It's tiring to say the least. One way in which you possibly can make issues easier is to locate a great organization that may provide you with lots of different Bali tours. Consider it 1 second: you need to simply browse through every one of the incredible entertaining activities that are published online after which just book them. Your favorite luxury getaway is only one look away!

A Bali exclusive excursion means you will be in a position to appreciate activities including elephant trips, horses voyages or possibly a camel safari in which you'll be able to enjoy the landscapes within a soothing and fun way. If you'd like, you'll be able to savor tours along with a person who is totally equipped in presenting you remarkable church buildings just like the Mom Brow, the Ulun Danu Temple or the Uluwatu Brow. Needless to say, there are numerous other kinds of Bali tours that you are able to see the whole island from the heli-copter aircraft.

If you happen to be more interested in actions that will make your center race or if you be considered a genuine excitement enthusiast, then you should not combination out Indonesia as a spot that isn't for you, due to the fact out of the many activities, there needs to be at least one Bali private visit which will get your heart rate up. As an example, if you want the thought of searching, then you should definitely come to Bali, simply because there are tons of courses where a professional approved trainer will be able to educate you on the fundamentals on this activity. If this is nevertheless insufficient for you, then you need to know that between all the Indonesia trips accessible, there is certainly one that you will go white water rafting. This is probably one of the most amazing experiences you can have, experiencing you will be able to jump from a 3 meters dam.