Friday, June 13, 2014

Bali holiday villa | Bali Tour:

Bali holiday villa | Bali Tour:

A Bali holiday villa is usually an ambling distance from the pulsating golden sand beaches, trademark of Bali. The Bali villa hotel arranges a dedicated tour guide, which ensures that you tour to the beaches, hills and country at large are planned carefully.

-Kintamani and Ubud tour in Bali -Taman Safari and Marine Park tour, which includes a tram ride experience, -Bird Park and Reptile Park tour which includes a 4D theatre experience, -Watersport at TanjungBanoa which includes a banana boat riding and parasailing, -Waterborn Park visit, While all Bali Packages take care of economy class air fare, airport taxes, hotel accommodation for stay, some of the tour packages include Free dinners, Car at disposal, aBalinese souvenir, Complimentary GSM prepaid card at Bali and Airport transfers.

You can choose a Bali villa for you and your companion; the choices will range from a one-bedroom villa to a 3-bedroom villa for a family.

BALI BEST TRIP is the cheapest Bali Tour program which can be the best way to discover the island of Bali