Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bali Tour Shopping Tips - Souvenir From Sukawati Market

After enjoying Bali tour, it will be incomplete without buying souvenirs of Bali. You can get souvenirs of Bali in a few places. One of them is Sukawati market. It likes a shopping paradise of Bali Island. You can get a lot of unique souvenirs of Bali such as, handbags, clothes, nightgowns, beads, accessories, and many others. Also, you will find carvings of original Indonesia furniture easily on your tour in Bali.

Sukawati market is an art market located in Gianyar, Bali. It is Very close to Ubud. Ah, no need to be worried guys, ask tour guide on your Bali tour. They will get you there. Well, Sukawati art market has been established since 1980. If you depart from Ngurah Rai airport by road, you will need around 1.5 hours to reach Sukawati, the most comprehensive art market in Bali. This market is opened from 8 am to 6 pm. 

What's about the price given by the Sukawati seller?
It is not a big deal. They offer very affordable prices to all tourists whose on Bali tour. Moreover, you can do bidding. Even you can offer a bid up to one third of the price. For example, the seller offers a price of Rp 100,000 for you. Then you can bid up to Rp 35,000. If the seller is not willing to give the goods at that price, stay bidding until the price going down. If you think the price is still too high, do not hesitate to move on another store. You will be called them again as long as you offer a reasonable price and the sellers get enough profit. Well, this is the secret of Sukawati market and one of it’s the advantages. You can choose the souvenir and get it easily. If you need a hand, just ask your Bali tour guide.

Unlike buying souvenirs from Sukawati, if you choose buying it from a side street shop you will not be able to bid and also can not moving on another store easily. In fact, you will be busy with traffic jams and small area of parking lots that is not enough to accommodate the number of vehicles.

Welcome to Bali Tour Guide

I will tell one more secret in your Bali tour if you really want to shop in Sukawati. Go shopping in the morning, around 8 to 10 hours. At that time you will get a very low price from sellers. Why? They believe that the first buyer could be the one who bring a lot of profit and invites many other buyers. Well, after a morning shopping at Sukawati, you can go to Kuta beach which can be reached within 40 minutes to an hour. You can do sunbathing on Kuta beach and waiting the most favorite sunset in Bali. See you next time in Bali tour tips.

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