Monday, May 5, 2014

Buton Island Diving Not Lose Wakatobi Beautiful Island

Buton Island

During travelers only know Wakatobi as one of the best tourist submarine owned by Indonesia. Who would have thought, more like a tourist submarine Buton is equally interesting than this place.

Indeed known Wakatobi Marine National Park is a world-class marine destination, however, Buton endowed still very natural and has not been touched by the diver. This is what makes the reason sultra start introducing Buton as diving area that is not less beautiful than Wakatobi.

Buton Island
Buton Island
"In Buton was no cave where divers can explore the underwater beauty through the cave diving. This is the main attraction of Buton, "said Head of Tourism and Culture of Southeast Sulawesi, Zainal Koedoes.
He added that not only would promote Buton, but there is one other submarine areas such Lambengki which will also be promoted in order to draw out the local and world travelers.

For the promotion of tourism and creative economy in Southeast Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi Hallo program which is an annual event in the province began to dare to introduce to the tourists. This event consists of a promotional tour, culinary festivals, and distinctive cultural event sultra quite unique and different. Hopefully with this sultra Hallo may increase local and foreign tourists visit and make sultra as one of the internationally known destination.