Sunday, May 18, 2014

Enchantment Beauty of Sunset Kuta Beach Bali

Who is not familiar with Kuta Beach? The beach is located on the island of Bali is a charm that can not be avoided the tourists either domestic or foreign. In fact, many say that Kuta Beach is one of the most beautiful in the world. Panorama of the waves and the sunset (sunset) presenting separate entertainment for anyone who visit this beach. 
Before becoming famous beaches in Indonesia and even the world, Kuta Beach is just a village that is not inhabited by many people. However, in the 1960s there since tourists come to see the beach, the more other tourists who flock to enjoy its beauty.
Beauty of Sunset Kuta Beach Bali
Beauty of Sunset Kuta Beach Bali
The Beauty of Kuta Beach Sand Granules
Compared to the beaches in Bali other, Kuta beach sand look whiter. Many tourists who praised the beauty of the grain of sand for even more travelers to and fro there, the beauty of the sand was still awake. Grains of white sand beach is as attract tourists to come back.
Given the amount of sand at Kuta Beach has decreased due to various reasons such as waves or wind swept, local governments seek to spread to some areas of sand on the beach to keep the sand beach, so visitors can still enjoy the stunning beaches of sand waves.
Another activity that can be done in Kuta Beach Bali is Bungee Jumping and Slingshot, or just enjoy the sunset that beauty is not a secret anymore. Enjoying a night in Kuta as endless. Not far from the beach, there are a series of culinary and souvenir shops are open until late at night.

Towards the Kuta Beach 
There are several route options to Kuta Beach, could of Buleleng, Ubud, Seminyak and Ngurah Rai Airport. If you are from Seminyak, the distance to get to the beach is about 4.4 km, while the distance of about 3.7 km Ubud. However, if from Ngurah Rai Airport, you can arrive in Kuta in about 5 minutes, because the distance is only 1.5 miles. 
If you wish to enjoy the roar of the big waves and the beauty of the white sand at Kuta Beach, it would not hurt you to spend a weekend there.