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Travel to Gili Trawangan Lombok

Gili Trawangan

Travel to Gili Trawangan Lombok
Gili Trawangan Lombok
Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three exotic dyke located in northwest Lombok. The island has an area of ​​about 6 square kilometers with a population of about 800 souls. Currently vaforit Gili Trawangan become a new destination for local and foreign tourists. Along the beach you will be spoiled with white sand and clean, blue sea, fresh air, and 'painting' Mount Agung in Bali standing strong.

The most popular activities done in Gili Trawangan tourists are scuba diving (which has been certified PADI), snorkeling (northeast coast), kayaking, surfing, removing the hatchlings (baby sea turtles) to the open sea, also provided some place for the tourists to learn to ride around the island. In the evenings, the atmosphere turns into a frenetic island by chanting the music of the cafes along the beach.

Means of transport that can be used in Gili Trawangan Lombok is a bike for rent by locals with farif Rp. 20.000/jam. You can also hire rates Rp.150 thousand cidomo with a maximum of 4 people can be used to surround the island. (Rates are not negotiable). While the motor vehicle is not permitted for use in Gili Trawangan and other bund. It is a local custom rules called awig awig, so we can be sure that the area is free from pollution, and increase freshness and comfort of tourists.

Facilities Gili Trawangan
From the city of Mataram, we can use the public transport route Mataram-Rembiga-Pamenang, spliced ​​with common boat ride from Port Ward headed Trawangan. Distance island of Lombok and Gili Trawangan is only 45 minutes away by boat for Rp. 10.000. Once there, travelers will usually be offered by the bureaus of various tourism activities such as diving, snorkeling, glass bottomed boat ride, a ride in cidomo, and so on. 

If you are interested to enjoy the water, you can follow the underwater tour organized by BPW Lombok Network Holidays, can be contacted by phone. 62-81 62-370-6628139 or 8369619. They hold daily or snorkel trip by boat to Gili. The scuba diving activities at a cost of U.S. $ 80 per person. This fee includes lunch at a local restaurant specific.

You can also rent jet sky at the rate of U.S. $ 30 per person per 15 minutes. Or rent a banana boat at the rate of U.S. $ 15 per person per 15 minutes. It should be noted that the rates usually reserved for foreign tourists so that local tourists are still able to bargain for. As for the tourism activities under the sea with a glass bottom boat at Hotel Villa Ombak with a tariff of Rp. 650,000 per 2 hour snorkeling equipment is included. This activity could be followed up to 6 people including around to the three dyke.

Hotels in Gili Trawangan 
Gili Trawangan also there are many lodges with rates that vary. One of them is the Hotel Vila Ombak with international standards Lombok offers a traditional building with sea views in charming surroundings. There are several types of rooms, such as Superior Lumbung Terrace, Deluxe Lumbung Hut, Deluxe Family Bungalow, and so on.