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Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach
Senggigi Beach
Senggigi is Lombok tourism center located in West Lombok. The location is between the valley and facing directly into the sea so that the view / scenery was beautiful and unique. In addition, Senggigi is also very famous for its white sand beaches and coined yan crystal clear sea water. Because it has a lot of tourists visiting the Senggigi tourist and become a favorite place on the island of Lombok it has a lot of facilities that you can encounter in this place of accommodation ranging from budget hotels, bungalows, five-star hotels, boutiques etc.

Vacationing to Senggigi 
To get to Senggigi, you should head to the west, about 8 km from the airport Selaparang Mataram. On the way, you will see many traditional transportation Mataran City commonly called Cidomo in the corners of the city that have not been reached by four wheel drive vehicles. You will also pass through the traditional market Ampenan (Kebun Roek), this market is a market that is closest Senggigi and the surrounding area.

After traveling 15 minutes you will begin to take the path winding roads and sea air as you pass close to the sea, you will traverse the Sacred Tomb, a great place to take pictures with the ocean background. After that, you will also traverse a temple in which juts into the sea, Pura Batu Bolong. After passing Pura Batu Bolong you will go directly to the famous Senggigi region with white sand. If you have time you can continue the journey passes through the village senggigi Mangsit here will be amazed to see the beautiful sea view with palm trees that decorate it, we do not forget to capture the suggestions of your journey.

Streets Around Attraction to 
If you are interested streets arrival at the airport there can find information counters which provide tour packages. And if you want to own the streets using a taxi there are two options, namely to Lombok Taxi (Telp. 627 000) or Lendang Express Taxi (Telp. 644 444) 

There are many activities that you can do to complement your holiday using a guide-local tour guides that you can trust and you can rent a car complete with driver or motorcycle which is another alternative to enjoy the beauty of the island from another angle. 

Restaurants and Snacks 
If you love Italian food like Pizza which is made of wood so it would not hurt you to try at Cafe Alberto, located in east Senggigi and Cafe Lotus is located in the Art Market directly opposite the beach.

For local food you can taste dishes Cak Poer is open from 19:00 AM until late which is located in front of the Post Office next to Bank BNI. And for a 24- hour food you can come to the house and who is located in front of the Park Restaurant.
For those of you who want to taste the street food in style, there are also many roadside stalls. You can choose according to taste because here there are many options with a clean and reasonably comfortable atmosphere.

Nightlife in Senggigi
Senggigi there are also many entertainment venues, most hotels also pamper their guests with live music or acoustic music from local singers. And for discos, you can try the Marina Pub, Sahara, Gossip and Lian. When it was late a lot of restaurants that have facilities such as Papaya restaurant live music, Happy Cafe Restaurant and others.

Public facilities and Information
If you need a tool like want to compose information, you can find a post office located next Intan Lombok Village Hotel. Around here, many of which offer the services and knick knacks for souvenirs. Puri Saron Hotel next Kerandangan there are also health centers and health center within 10 minutes Meninting of Senggigi using public or private vehicles.

For Banks and ATMs, you can see him in the front row of the mini market and post office ATMs. Many ATMs where you can use here like ATM BCA, ATM BNI, Mandiri ATM. 

Police Station is located in the art market near the Sheraton Senggigi, for phone services you can visit the Millennium Intertnet kiosks as well for those of you who are interested to find a cafe and hotspot vouchers for those who bring a laptop. And for those of you who carry the Hp do not worry much charging pulse counters are available along the way Senggigi.