Monday, May 5, 2014

Carita-Labuan Tourism Complete


Western region of the island of Java has its own charm. Moreover, its location relatively close to Jakarta so attractive to citizens of the capital. Coastal areas, Anyer, Carita, Labuan, up to Tanjung Dimples offers all types of recreation. Tourism in the interior is also charming. 

Tourism in the coastal area of this region is complete. There is adventure tourism, water tourism, historical tourism, culinary tourism up. 

Fun on holiday in this area because the whole family can enjoy. Adventure tourism, for example, exploring Mount Anak Krakatau, Ujung Kulon National Park, Baduy, or take a walk along the rice fields in the countryside. Holidays water was no less attractive, ranging from enjoying the pool or water park that is in the majority of hotels, banana boat, jetski, boating, to fishing.

For history enthusiasts, there are several locations that are worth a visit, for example by the Dutch in the village lighthouse Cikoneng; Masjid As-Syalafiah Caringin, as well as the tomb of the leading cleric Sheikh KH Asnawi Abdurrohman in Kampung Caringin, Caringin Village, District of Labuan; and Jami Al - Khusaeni. Masjid As-Syalafiah Caringin has a distinctive presence that is also called a sundial or bencet mizwalah.
Culinary tourism in coastal areas belle of course, a variety of seafood. There are many restaurants and restaurants that offer a menu of fish soup, a variety of grilled fish, and brains. One restaurant famous for brains is Mrs. RM Entin Road in Labuan, Encle, Labuan.

Along the way, many hotels have a unique atmosphere, such as Balinese style, modern, traditional, ethnic to.

If you want another atmosphere, such as hula dancing and enjoying a luau aka binge eating while listening to typical Hawaiian music offerings, the only place that offers these activities is the Club Bali Hawaii Resort.

Besides having a water park, the hotel also has a tennis court, fitness room, outbound arena, billiards, karaoke, spa and sauna, sports arenas, and sunset bar. For serious and formal activities, this hotel provides a conference room.

If bored enjoy the beach atmosphere, you can choose day trips to the hinterland, such as hot springs and baths of cold water Cisolong Cikoromoy in Pandeglang, Banten. 

The bath is still natural and rustic atmosphere thick. Cisolong bath in Village Sukamanah, Sub Kaduhejo, while the bath is conveniently located in the Village Kadubungbang Cikoromoy, Sub Cimanuk, Pandeglang. 

Some visitors like to enjoy the freshness of hot bath water and nutrients cited in Cisolong berbelerang.

In Cikoromoy there are three swimming baths. "In the morning when the pool is empty, the emergence of clear water on the edge," said Faith, owner of the shop at that location. He opened the business since 1985, a year after the baths opened. 

Baths Cikoromoy cool air being in the plateau region. There are three Cikoromoy surrounding mountains, the Mount Reef, Mount pulasari, and Mount Aseupan.