Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nature and Culture in Bali

Bali to save a million charm as forcing all eyes to turn to it. Where tourists never hear a word from Bali? Even for tourists mancanegara often we hear jokes, "I've been to Bali but have never been to Indonesia". I do not know who started it, Bali is keeping many treasures charming good destination Nature or Culture.
Nature and Culture in Bali
Nature and Culture in Bali
In addition to the natural beauty of the exotic, Bali is also an area that has a very diverse culture and interesting uni. No wonder if used as a symbol of Bali Indonesia tourism and tourist favorite universal number three in France after Paris and Rome in Italy who becomes the prey of both domestic and foreign travelers.
Balinese culture is a unique combination of spirituality, religious traditions, and art. Religion is considered an art and it seems almost everyone Bali is an artist who spent spare time devoted to applying skills and images which have been passed down from generation to generasisemenjak young age. Expressed through beautiful and intricate paintings, extraordinary carvings, woven great even in rice decorations that include various temples are found in public places, in the fields or at home, island living with art and religious respect.
When we want to talk about whether it's Bali natural beauty, cultural diversity, seta its attractions, it may take several volumes to write considering Bali is a tourist attraction that is rich in natural attractions, cultural tours, adventure tours, art, culinary, shopping, and a variety of other attractions.

Various infrastructure and facilities like star hotels, inns, and inns built by the local government and employers to support the comfort of the tourists. The natives are friendly and tolerant Bali is another factor that makes Bali as a favorite tourist spot for visitors who come to the island of Bali.

Traditional Balinese village 
Traditional village in Bali is divided on the basis of the unity of place. Most of the land area is owned by the villagers as individuals but some others are existing soil under the supervision of the village or in concrete under the supervision of village leaders called Karang village. The villages in the mountains usually have a centralized settlement patterns. While villages have train system and the villages in the plain areas having dispersed pattern. Therefore, it is important to know more villages that are unique in terms of customs and its traditions.

Pura Bali
More than 10,000 buildings on the island of Bali Pura there is a worship place of Hindu Balinese citizens. In addition to being a place of worship, Pura is also often used as the venue for ceremonial seingga many tourists are attracted to visit the temple.

Park and temple building that will be loaded and cultural nuances of Balinese temple in Bali makes a unique sights and interesting choice. Among these is the temple pura Besakih, Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, Pura Lawah and Taman Ayun temple is an example of a frequently visited tourist mancanegara a tender age.

Tari Bali
In addition to natural attractions and cultural famous snagat to mancanegara, Bali also has a very traditional dance uni until I few people, especially the tourists who want to explore different dance Bali. Traditional Balinese dances are typically held on the rituals and religious customs in their temple as a place of worship. Some of them choreographed dance popular pendet, gambuh, being attractive, propellant, and dance Sanghyang Dedari.

Art Tour Ubud Bali 
For more than 80 years, is located in Ubud Gianyar regency, Bali, enthralled the tourists mancanegara. Ubud serves imprint memories in the hearts of every person who came to visit. 
Even Ubud became the search for love Elizabeth Gilbert author of Eat, Pray and Love are then lifted to the big screen with the same title and starring Hollywood actress Julia Robert. There are multiple modes of experience can be extracted by travelers in Ubud. 
  Ubud itself is seen as a center of art and culture of Bali. No wonder, every single tourist activity in relation to culture, closeness to nature, spirituality, and the relationship between human sesame. Each activity in Ubud in the end has been capable of profound impression for tourists.

Adventure Tour Package in Bali
For those of you who like the adventure (petalangan nature), the island of Bali is one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia that provide natural and complete infrastructure. Due to such high interest in adventure tourism in Bali, many travel agents compete to offer packages in Bali adventure tour in Bali.
Currently the dominating demand in Bali adventure tour packages are foreign tourists, especially from Australia. As for domestic tourists, although demand is not much, but every year showed significant improvement.
As is well known, the island of Bali is famous for its natural beauty and unique culture that is different from other tourist attractions. Hall is what makes the island of the gods as a favorite tourist destination for many domestic and foreign tourists, particularly Australia. Understandably, the distance is relatively close to Australia and Bali. And in part for travelers, a vacation to Bali make opium.

Culinary Tourism in Bali
Less complete it if a holiday to Bali without tasting the specialties of the island of the gods. Here is some information on food, beverages, snacks, places to eat, places to hang out, a place to relax and dine in Bali.