Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nature and Religion When Visiting Batu Layar Lombok

Batu Layar Lombok

Batu Layar Lombok
Batu Layar Lombok
Batu Layar is one of the name of the village located in the district of Batu Layar, West Lombok. This village is one of the villages of 6 villages in West Lombok. When visiting Lombok stone screen, sempatkanlah religious tourist to visit there. That tomb stone screen. Tomb stone screens are located in the border area into the area of Senggigi. Distance from downtown Mataram approximately 9 miles. This tomb is considered by society as a shrine Lombok because Lombok people believe that this tomb is the tomb of a character named Syed Duhri Al Haddad Al Hadrami who have an important role in the development of Islam in Lombok.

Tomb stone Batu Layar visited by pilgrims from various areas in Lombok almost every year. People who visited this Batu Layar Lombok came to be fulfilled. Nazar here means is that spoken promises a person when his request was granted. Some forms of the most visited tomb vows when the application is granted or at the time of going to Hajj or Umrah . Not only tourists are coming from Lombok, but also from outside Lombok who visited the tomb stone in Batu Layar.

Peak crowded tomb stone Batu Layar at the time of this screen are Topat Eid, Eid celebration is held at the time of 7 days after Eid. West Lombok Lombok people especially always celebrate Eid Topat. Topat Eid begins with nyangkar tradition. When visiting Batu Layar Lombok, the visitors not only visited the grave stone screens only. But near the tomb there is also beach stone screen that can be visited to stare at the beauty of the beach. The beach is located close to the screen rocks Senggigi beach. So there may as well visit Senggigi beach and enjoy the beauty of the beach at sunset can be seen from the roadside.

Batu Layar Beach lying still in the sub display batulayar, West Lombok district. This area is actually not one of the favorite tourist destinations in Lombok. Because the beach itself is not much different from the usual beach and at the edge of the beach many settlements largely livelihood as a fisherman. We also see a lot of fishing boats lined up there. But do not go too wrong if visiting Batu Layar Lombok stopped by this beach. To be able to go to the beach rocks display a distance of approximately 10 km from downtown Mataram or about 2 km before the Senggigi beach, could use a private vehicle or motorcycle two. The place is also rarely passed by public transport except taxis.

The screen itself is located a batu layar lined with famous beach in Lombok. Ie there are perforated batu layar beach, and also Senggigi beach. Many people who visit the rock stopped by the coast of Lombok display screen rocks because when a holiday or on a solid week of this beach visitors. Not only of visitors around the West Lombok are coming, but also from different areas of Lombok in Lombok as the north also come to enjoy the beach this batu layar. It may also be due to the location near the batu layar so there is the tomb stone into many visitors who come especially on Sundays.

And when looking at the sunset on the batu layar beach, the visitors can also see the majestic mountain that lies in front of him. Visiting Lombok stone screen can certainly be alternative travel options in addition to travel to other famous locations. By visiting local batu layar lombok, but can also be traveled traveled religious nature as well. Moreover, the location is also close to other tourist areas in Lombok Senggigi beach area ie. If it is long enough to relax on the beach stone screen, can next visit to the beach sengigi.