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Sunrise at Sanur Beach

Bali is known as a tourist destination among tourists both local and foreign. The natural beauty of this island is not only limited to the exotic beaches or the stunning mountainous areas. Bali is also famous for its distinctive charm of the local culture. One of the natural attractions of the tourists is the center visit is Sanur Beach.
Sunrise at Sanur Beach
Sunrise at Sanur Beach
This beach is located in Sanur Village, District Denpasar, Denpasar, Bali. The beach location is considered strategic enough, so it is easily accessible to travelers from outside. Crowds of visitors to this beach is not only because of easy accessibility. Did you know that one of the charms are not forgotten in Sanur beach is beautiful at sunrise?

Sunrise at Sanur Beach 
If you visit the beach, try to provide a special time to enjoy the sunrise. Even some travel agents specifically insert this activity on their travel list. Due to the high enthusiasm of tourists who want to watch the sunset on the beach, special backrest now been provided in the form of tiny huts that serve as the seat of the tourists while waiting for the moment of sunrise on Sanur Beach.

Water sport 
However, if it is the moment you can not enjoy the sunrise, you do not need to be discouraged because the beach is not just presenting a panoramic view of the beautiful sunrise. Big waves is perfect for surfers. Additionally, you can do water sports such as water sports, snorkeling, diving and many others.

Travelling to Sanur Beach is an economical vacation activities. You do not need to allocate a budget for the cost of entry as well as in other tourist attractions. In addition, there is also a vehicle loan facilities to the tourists, so you can go around the beach while cycling, for example, natural treats and enjoy the scenery.

Go to the Sanur Beach 
Not difficult to find Sanur Beach. The beach is located just east of Denpasar Bali. from Denpasar, you can travel by private vehicle to the East, or ride public angkotan toward Sanur. How? Do you feel interested in seeing the beauty of the sunrise or doing water sports while enjoying the natural beauty of Sanur Beach?

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