Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sunset charm Anyer Beach

Anyer beach is a prime tourist spot beach in Banten province. If at Sanur Beach Bali you will be amazed by the beautiful sunrise; otherwise in Anyer Beach, Serang, Banten, your eyes will be amazed by the scenery sunset. The beauty of the waves that blend in with the sand making scattering travelers from home and abroad to feel complacent and willing to spend a long time on this beach.
Sunset charm Anyer Beach
Sunset charm Anyer Beach
Anyer beach in Anyer Sub-district, Serang - Banten. It could be argued that the location is quite close to Jakarta, only about 160 miles from the capital city of the country. So many people taidak wonder jikwa Jakarta who spends his spare time good when the long vacation or a weekend getaway at the beach.

Sunset in Anyer Beach 
For some people, sunset or sunset at Anyer Beach presents its own nuances for the visitors. They state that they feel the tiredness after a long day at the tourist destination melt after sunset on the beach facing the West. 
Turning the other way, you also enjoy views of Mount Krakatoa that seem perched above the sea. Enchantment of the beach is also not inferior to the other coast of Java and Bali. Here, you can enjoy a variety of water sports such as banana boating, jet skiing, snorkeling and diving.

Culinary in Anyer Beach
To remove the hunger and thirst after of activity on the beach, you can taste the specialties of Banten which sold around the coast. Famous menu is seafood along the coast, fresh fish soup, fried skin melinjo with anchovy, stewed milkfish, tongseng, and flakes of sweet spicy very suitable as souvenirs for the family at home.

Moving route Anyer Beach
 1. Strip Land. If using a strip of land, you can start the trip from Jakarta. From Jakarta, you can pass the Jakarta - Merak toll road with a range of a 2-hour journey before proceeding to the Toll Road West to further Cilegon to Anyer. However, if you are from the Assault, you can go directly to Anyer to estimate a distance of about 50 miles.
 2. Strip Car. If using a strip car, you can take the train majors Jakarta-Merak. Then head further public transport device Anyer Beach.

The beauty of the sunset at Anyer Beach is going to be a salve for weeks after doing the activity. Enjoy.