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Prambanan Temple

Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple complex in Southeast Asia stands majestically in Central Java, not far from Yogyakarta. Location of Prambanan temple is also not too far to Borobudur Buddhist temple which is the largest and most famous in the world. Such as Borobudur, Prambanan is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Prambanan Temple
Prambanan Temple
Bandung Bondowoso dan Rara Jonggrang Legend
According to legend fell down in the Central Javanese, Prambanan Temple erected by the Bandung Kota Baru to get a Jonggrang Rara is beautiful daughter of the king of Prambanan Government was colonized by the Bandung Kota Baru. If Rara Jonggrang BONDOWOSO Bandung rejected the proposal, the government will increasingly suffer Prambanan, while Rara Jonggrang not like Bandung Kota Baru. 
Short stories, Rara Jonggrang told that it is ready to be a wife Bandung Kota Baru on one condition, namely Bandung thousand temple in Magelang developing overnight. Bandung, Magelang and able to take the membangung thousand temple with the help of a genie. That same night, Bandung, Magelang almost complete Rara request Jonggrang Thousand Temples.
Rara Jonggrang fear of seeing the demand can be met Bondowoso. Until finally with the help of the ladies, Rara Jonggrang straw burning on the east side and pounding rice so as to create the atmosphere of early morning. Because look at the day ahead of the morning, the genie frightened and ran out of the work of making a thousand temples. 
The next morning, Rara Jonggrang with Bondowoso count the number of temples that have been successfully created. It did not reach a thousand temples, but there are only 999 temples were successfully fabricated by Bondowoso jin forces. Having failed to meet the requirements of Rara Jonggrang and finally he knew that his failure to fraud Jonggrang Rara, then cursed Rara Bondowoso Jonggrang into stone statues to complement the loveliest be a thousand temples.
Finally Rara Jonggrang a statue of Durga Mahisashuramardini available in the space north of the main temple at Prambanan Temple. That's why the Prambanan Temple is often referred to by the community as Candi Rara Jonggrang. While Candi Sewu (Buddhist temple) which is not far from Prambanan Temple is regarded as a successful 999 other temples made ​​Bandung Kota Baru.
History of Prambanan Temple
Hindu doctrine has three main gods are Brahma (the creator god), Vishnu (the god of preserver), and Shiva (the god of destruction). Temple was built to honor Lord Shiva. That's why the original name Prambanan is Siwagrha which means "house of Shiva".
Temple was built by Sanjaya dynasty dynasty or in the timeframe that is similar to the Borobudur temple which is around the 8th century and 9th century AD. The goal is to match the grandeur of Borobudur temple which was built by the dynasty or Buddhist Sailendra dynasty.
Rakai Pikatan is the king who began to build a Prambanan Temple in 850 BC. Rakai Pikatan is a descendant of Sanjaya. Sanjaya is the founder of the Kingdom Medang or Ancient Mataram Kingdom. Then the kingdom of Medang there are two or dynasty dynasty, which dynasty Mahayana Buddhist Sailendra and successfully built Borobudur and Hindu Sanjaya dynasty Shiva who also managed to build a Prambanan temple.
Prambanan temple complex being built by the kings successor Rakai Pikatan to build additional hundreds of temples around the main temple. Various important ceremonies and rites Hindu Kingdom of Mataram performed at Prambanan since that time.

Lost and Found Back 
Since the 9th century, Prambanan is becoming obsolete because of the capital Mataram Kingdom moved to East Java. Then Merapi eruption and earthquakes in the 16th century, Prambanan temple building collapsed. But the temple ruins still recognizable communities and began Rara Jonggrang legend that developed in Central Java community. 
Prambanan temple began to be rediscovered and to the attention of historians in 1811, when Colin Mackenzie who worked for Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (the British occupation in Indonesia) found Prambanan. However, this temple remains neglected even many statues and temples of rock taken. 
It was only in 1918, began Prambanan restored. Reconstruction of the main temple of Shiva temple was completed in 1953 and inaugurated by President Soekarno. And in 1991, UNESCO include Prambanan temple as a World Heritage Site.

The grandeur of Prambanan Temple 
Prambanan temple complex consists of 240 temples. Form towering temple is typical of Hindu temple and has three zones namely:
  • Bhurloka, That is the lowest zone, where human, animal, and even demons. This zone includes the outer courtyard and the foot of the temple.
  • Bhuwarloka, Namely the central zone, where holy men and ascetics. This zone includes the central courtyard and the building of the temple.
  • Swarloka, That is the highest zone, the place of the gods. This zone includes a courtyard and roof of the temple is a gem (similar to the shape of a Buddhist stupa in the temple).

Shiva temple is the largest building and a main building in the temple complex of Prambanan. The height reached 47 meters. That's why this temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. There are also building a large temple to the god Brahma and Lord Vishnu are not as big as the temple to the god Shiva. The third building of this temple called Trimurti temple. 
Then in the third near the main temple, there are three large temples but not as big as the Trimurti temple. This temple is called as temple spacecraft consisting of Nandi temple, Garuda temple and temple Geese. 
In addition, there are also other temples around the temple and temple Trimurti rides, like 2 pieces Apit temple, temple color 4, 4 Temple Stakes and 244 Perwara small.

Prambanan Museum 
In addition to the Prambanan temple complex, can also be found here Prambanan Museum which presents a variety of stones and statues found around the temple complex of Prambanan. There is also a replica of the treasure found in the temple complex of Prambanan. 

Prambanan and Borobudur are two magnificent temples that once stood in Indonesian. Building Prambanan and Borobudur Indonesia show how people make a magnificent building with a very complex architecture since ancient times.