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Rock Climbing in Siung Beach

Siung arguably not as popular Parangtritis beach, Karangbolong beach, Indrayanti beach, or kukup beach. But did you know that Siung has a distinctive allure. Including the most beautiful coral stone of the many beaches on the south coast of the island of Java.
Rock Climbing in Siung Beach
Rock Climbing in Siung Beach
Shaped coral fang 
A special feature is rarely owned cloves Beach other beaches are fantastic waves. You do not try to swim in the beach cloves because the stakes are life. What's the reason? Cloves Beach has a relatively large waves crashing and finished coral reefs on the beach. Arguably similar to Kukup beach, the waves can be as high as the house.

On the beach you can find Klayar magic fountain because it came from the sea, strange is not it? In Siung, you can find a lot of rock climbers looking for a challenge, there are also hunters sunset or sunset, and another unique hobby lovers charm lovers of big waves hit the cliff.

Due to its location is somewhat remote, it's natural Siung still in the Yogyakarta area has not been widely known to the public generally. However, access to the beach Siung already nice and comfortable relaitf skipped. From Yogyakarta Siung to smooth the roads were paved.

Original Siung provide a lasting impression for nature lovers. The road to Siung enough for a car, but feels cramped for a large bus group. Winding terrain and up and down.
Panorama towards Siung so amazing. The Creator shows His power through giant forests and limestone mountains. Terracing in the limestone hills looked so beautiful. Terracing was made regularly tidy up at the bottom of the ravine and formed a giant bowl. Just like open pit mine in Papua.

What's up with that terracing? Terracing along the way to Siung it serves as a field for planting mahogany trees or some kind of production is also planted with crops.

Access to Siung 
Siung Beach
Siung Beach
Siung actually be accessed from multiple directions. The easiest access and are often passed from Yogyakarta passing Wonosari. From Wonosari journey continues to Baron (Baron beach there are already well-known in Central Java-Yogyakarta) to Tepus. In Tepus existing signposts to Siung. At the junction leading to the beach Baron, Krakal, and Kukup, take left to go to the beach cloves. While the straight will be heading to the beach the last three. 
Siung itself into the southern coastal region of Gunungkidul. For visitors from the east, may not melewatai trips to Yogyakarta because it could be increased considerably. Alternative path from the east can be reached via Sukoharjo districts Weru, towards Semin Gunungkidul, to enter the territory Wonosari.

Accommodation in Siung 
Siung already provides a range of facilities that can be used by visitors. Among them are parking, public toilets, mosque, various stalls and hawkers. For lovers of clean beaches, Siung can be used in addition to the beach Indrayanti wishlist. You can see a lot of garbage disposal point. It makes its own traits because many beaches on the southern coast of Yogyakarta less kept clean. 
Another characteristic Siung is a white sandy beach with gently sloping shoreline classified. Many marine animals can you find in the beach behind the rocks at the base of the cloves. But be careful and do not fall asleep, at the base end of a sloping beach can actually come face to face with the ferocious waves. Basic beach straight down the steep and deep. Very similar to Parangtritis can suck a myth that has tourists who were swimming in the ocean. So, you should be wary when playing on the shoreline of the cloves.

Rock Climbing in Siung
Rock Climbing in Siung Beach
For rock climbers, Siung would be familiar to them. The existence of cloves coast including favorite beach to visit. The Creator of the climbing routes as already demonstrated in the cliffs so that people remember and be close to Him.
Climbing lane is formed naturally of a long process of erosion by a massive rock sea water for hundreds of years. These corals form a cluster of tracks that can be climbed, of course, with adequate equipment and supplies.
The legend says that there are more than 250 climbing routes on the beach cloves ranging from ramps to the extreme. For easy reference, on the coast of cloves has been commonly referred to as Block that shows the character of rock climbing lane.
Pathways that already has a name, is equipped with a hanger bolt. Officially, block tercatatat and documented on the beach there are eleven pieces cloves ie block A to block K. Each block has a height ranging from five to 30 meters.
Each block has more than two climbing lanes and each lane has a difficulty level ranging from grade 5.7 to 5:11 as revealed by Muh. Nahdhi in his book published in 2010.

Sunset from the Mount Reef 
Do not have a hobby or rock climbing skill does not prevent you from enjoying the beauty of the gift of the Almighty through the sunset can be seen from the top of the cliff. Some of the cliff can be reached safely without the typical tools pemanjan cliff. 
From the top of the cliff, visitors are immediately confronted with the vast ocean with waves barked at the bottom of the cliff. On the horizon, that's where you can mentadaburi beauty of the sunset. For the adrenaline mediocre, is sensation while meniaki cliff directly challenge the giant waves on the beach cloves. 
At the top of the cliff right just before the sun goes down perfectly, the sun began to rock covered hills and light golden yellow sneak in between the coral. After that the sun will come back out of the bottom side of the reef and the perfect start to sink and the dark began to envelop nature.