Monday, May 5, 2014

Explore the Ujung Kulon area - Tanjung Lesung

Explore the Ujung Kulon area

At the western end of Java there is an attractive location to serve as a tourist destination. Explore Indonesia Indonesia invites the public to know more about Indonesia's natural wealth in Ujung Kulon, especially Tanjung Lesung. 

Tanjung Lesung
Tanjung Lesung
There are Ujung Kulon National Park which is a large dictionary of Indonesian natural resources. Located in the western part of Java Island, this national park as well as a final home for the habitat of endangered Javan rhino and a variety of other wildlife. Not to forget trekking in the National Park (Island Peucang), enjoy the sunset on the beach Bodur, passing through tropical forests along the river Cigenter (Handeuleum Island) with a canoe, watching the bull and peacocks roam freely in the island savannah Cidaon, and cycling to explore Tanjung Lesung.