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Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti beach stunning angelic beach lovers. This beach is located in the southern coastal province of Jogjakarta precisely in Gunungkidul district. Still one row to the beach Baron, Kukup beach, Sepanjang beach and coastal Krakal Sundak. The new beach is well known in recent years. Understandably, once the beach is not professionally managed. Now, with the private manager who also manages the restaurant Indrayanti juggle Beach Round Shawwal is not inferior to the Kuta Beach Bali.
Indrayanti Beach
Indrayanti Beach
Round the coast of Shawwal is the common name known by local residents. Name Indrayanti arguably fortuitous. Since the number of visitors and there is no clear signage other than the name Cafe, then it is called Indrayanti as the name of the beach. Indrayanti beach precisely located in the village Tepus, Wonosari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta.
Arguably, fame Indrayanti Beach has defeated Baron beach and coastal alluvium is known as the first tourist beach. It may be because of the convenience as well. On the beach Indrayanti, do not try litter would otherwise be subject to a fine of Rp 10,000,- Fines imposed solely in order to maintain the cleanliness of the beach so tourists feel comfortable.
If you want to spend the night in Indrayanti not to worry because it has been supplied with a variety of lodging options harga.Konsep view and the inn is back to nature (back to nature). Lodging large set on the bottom of the hill. Being in the form of stilt houses and huts on the shoreline.
While enjoying the panoramic beauty of the gift of God in this Indrayanti beach, you can rent a jet ski to navigate the waves. Umbrellas provided along the beach with rental Rp 20.000,- unlimited. In Indrayanti beach, you will be treated to the beauty of the natural landscape that blends white sand beaches, coral reefs, beaches and crystal clear blue water.

Admission prices Indrayanti Beach 
Entrance to this area is super cheap. Only with Rp 5.000,- per person, ana has been able to enjoy the Baron Beach, Krakal beach, Kukup beach, Sepanjang beach, Sundak Beach, and Drini beach.

Routes to Indrayanti Beach 
Nowadays it is not difficult to find a route to the coast Indrayanti. In addition to the already well-known, board instructions also provide clear direction. From Jogjakarta, just follow the path leading to Wonosari. After passing the city limits-Gunungkidul Yogyakarta, not far from there were no signs of green color indicates the direction DLLAJ turn right to go to the beach Indrayanti. Levy of vehicle counters, located about 9 km away. If maih have time, try also the thrill along the river in the cave that is in Pindul.

Facilities at the beach Indrayanti 
As a tourist class, you can use some of the facilities provided by the manager of such cottages, bathrooms, gazebos, huts the stage, praying, and parking lots. Do not be surprised if the rent is withdrawn because of public facilities require maintenance.

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