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Bali Tour: Excuses for Booking Flights to Bali

 Bali Tour: Excuses for Booking Flights to Bali;

Bali, a sizzling holiday destination in Indonesia, plays host to numerous visitors year when year. With numerous cheap hotels, Bali conjointly fulfils typically the desires of travellers on a little budget. Connectivity is fairly great in the destination as almost all the main airline company's work flights to Bali.


Ubud is really a hot preferred attraction along with most travellers catching flights to Bali. Its superior altitude spot ensures a nice climate. Ubud is properly recognised for museums such as Purl Lukisan and Neka. The Purl Lukisan is properly stocked along with Balinese art works relationship returning to a few hundred decades. The museum even houses art galleries and is also home to eminent artists such as Antonio Blanco and Hans Snel. Similarly, typically the Neka Museum is full of exquisite works of Indonesian in addition to overseas artists.


Kuta, a bustling tourist resort, has return a protracted means considering that it is nights being a sleepy very little village. The beach listed here is a terribly potent tourist magnet, though typically the treacherous currents ensure it is unsafe for swimming. However, surfing is one particular activity. Kuta is among the absolute should visits for travellers saving up painstakingly to purchase tickets for cheap flights to Bali. There is no dearth of discotheques, outlets, and restaurants in Kuta. Special Balinese song and dance performances are held for tourists. Kuta's westward spot conjointly can make it a wonderful location for watching sunsets. For accommodation, travellers may take their choose of swanky hotels in addition to cheap home stays.

Pura Besakih

Sitting upon the slopes of Mt. Agung, Pura Besakih is amongst the largest and also the holiest temples in Bali. More than many decades previous, typically the temple's major courtyard is home to cloth wrapped Trinity shrines of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Besides the most shrines dedicated in the trinity, there will be sanctuaries for some other gods also. Pura Besakih is decorated along with colourful banners throughout festivals and it is splendour reaches it is peak. Visiting typically the temple is such as a special pilgrimage to the locals as well as a main section of the holiday itinerary of tourists booking flights to Bali.

Nusa Dua

The Nusa Dua is really a tourist resort famed for pristine beaches and crystal crystal apparent waters. It is section of the famed Bukit Peninsula, essentially the most favoured visiting spots of travellers catching flights to Bali. While typically the Southern aspect on the peninsula has huge surfs, typically the northern aspect is marked by gentler surfs.

Tanah Lot

The majestic temple sanctuary in this article is amongst the foremost famed ocean temples in Bali. The temple makes for spectacular sight from it is foundation atop an immense rock surrounded by the ocean. The temple has a special history. It is mentioned to are crafted one of the many last priests who arrived at Bali from Java while in the 16th century. The temples rituals embody paying homage in the sea's guardian spirits. Legend has it that will the ocean snakes in the island's foundation guard typically the temple from robbers, evil spirits, along with other intruders. It goes while not indicating that will tourists must positively try and take a look at typically the temple. The expertise will certainly add a lot of price to the value that will travellers pay out to the tickets with their cheap flights to Bali. The magnificence of Tanah Lot is finest obvious while in the evenings.

Gunung Batur

The Gunung Batur is yet an additional attraction, that serves as one of the many main excuses for shopping for a few airline ticket to Bali. Standing in an altitude of regarding 5, 635 ft, typically the Gunung Batur is that the web site of any still energetic volcano. The Balinese persons revere it because the island's second holiest mountain as well as a symbolisation on the female component.

Lists Of Honeymoon Places To Go To In Bali: Bali Tour

 Lists Of Honeymoon Places To Go To In Bali: Bali Tour;
Bali is that the paradise for honeymooner that a lot of couple need to have to pay these kinds of a special occasion upon the island. It's mesmerized varied views like ; beaches, mountain, rice field, and romantic spot to keep just similar to : Bali hotel, resort, villa, Bali private villa shall bring you a excellent honeymoon, no disturbance, no noisy sound, truly serenity, merely sound of nature. Fresh atmosphere can refresh the brain & entire human overall system. Bali rich culture might add to continue to keep your honeymoon the actual unforgettable one, you will discover one thing that is distinct, stunning, memorable and enjoyable, the actual expertise of your lifetime, that can not be gained in some other places.

Bali is a little island however has most wonderful matters to provide. Many vacation agents/tour operator offer worldwide selection of honeymoon concepts.

Here are a few ideas to acquire snug honeymoon in Bali :

- Schedule your departure day 2 days and nights as the wedding to provide you with ample here we are at relaxation as the activities as well as the celebrations. If you have to vacation promptly, bear in mind to leave in the dead center from the day but not the first morning therefore you will acquire a very good night's sleep at night.

- Ask your vacation agent for Honeymoon Packages, these typically provide the very best destinations for honeymooners, to not point out discounts and freebies.

- Never, at any time overbook day trips, you are not simply travelling, you are along with the new wife or husband, much better save up a few energy to the night's fireworks.

- Don't be frightened need to queries, question concerning sure perks, events.

- In addition in the higher than, do not be frightened to ask for further stuff, just like a massive bathtub, a double bed, or possibly a romantic read.

- Don't forget to carry your wedding certificate as well as you, especially when the actual name from the bride is by now beneath her husband's name.

- Pack your camera and a lot of film ; you won't would you like to miss something. You would possibly conjointly would you like to pack a disposable underwater camera and further batteries, these would be absurdly expensive in tourist spots, and you won't would you like to overspend.

- Mention to everyone, particularly within the café in addition to the actual tour boat, in which you are on the honeymoon, of course this may sound alittle embarrassing, however a few restaurants provide extras just similar to costabsolutely no cost drinks or gifts for honeymooners. This conjointly works for birthday celebrants.

- If you wish an lively honeymoon, analysis and plan water sporting activities ; the actual tropics are a excellent place, to master these people, constantly bear in mind to consult hubby right before you attempt one even if.

- Stock up on sun protection. The larger the actual SPF the actual much better, as you will in all probability be spending whole days and nights out within the sun ; you won't wish to obtain skin cancer when merely 2 weeks of wedding.

- Some vacation agencies embody island-hopping trips, these would be nice tactics to explore, and revel in. This is particularly very fine as a result of you will obtain a alter in scenery, and won't simply acquire bored, particularly when you have an extended honeymoon.

- Even in the event your valuables are within your hotel area, keep them away beneath lock, and if you commit to carry all of them with you, constantly be careful for stray pickpockets.

- Bring along with you a stock of candles and massage oils that one could position within your hotel area for the romantic evening when touring and swimming.

Remember which the overall aim of your honeymoon vacation is to possess an unforgettable romance. Follow the actual quick recommendations higher than and you could head the way into your memorable honeymoon in Bali. 

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Exclusive Car Rental Bali | Bali Best Tour & Trip

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Bali Tour Ubud and Taman Saraswati Temple...

Bali Tour Ubud and Taman Saraswati Temple Bali Tour Ubud is not the noise of…: Bali Tour Ubud is not the noise of the touristy “beach boy“, in Ubud which is also more shaded and often rain in the afternoon in the rainy season (October to March) is more travelers seek spiritual and cultural tourism. Not surprisingly, the activities retreat with yoga and meditation into one package that are emerging Bali Tour in Ubud.

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Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti beach stunning angelic beach lovers. This beach is located in the southern coastal province of Jogjakarta precisely in Gunungkidul district. Still one row to the beach Baron, Kukup beach, Sepanjang beach and coastal Krakal Sundak. The new beach is well known in recent years. Understandably, once the beach is not professionally managed. Now, with the private manager who also manages the restaurant Indrayanti juggle Beach Round Shawwal is not inferior to the Kuta Beach Bali.
Indrayanti Beach
Indrayanti Beach
Round the coast of Shawwal is the common name known by local residents. Name Indrayanti arguably fortuitous. Since the number of visitors and there is no clear signage other than the name Cafe, then it is called Indrayanti as the name of the beach. Indrayanti beach precisely located in the village Tepus, Wonosari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta.
Arguably, fame Indrayanti Beach has defeated Baron beach and coastal alluvium is known as the first tourist beach. It may be because of the convenience as well. On the beach Indrayanti, do not try litter would otherwise be subject to a fine of Rp 10,000,- Fines imposed solely in order to maintain the cleanliness of the beach so tourists feel comfortable.
If you want to spend the night in Indrayanti not to worry because it has been supplied with a variety of lodging options harga.Konsep view and the inn is back to nature (back to nature). Lodging large set on the bottom of the hill. Being in the form of stilt houses and huts on the shoreline.
While enjoying the panoramic beauty of the gift of God in this Indrayanti beach, you can rent a jet ski to navigate the waves. Umbrellas provided along the beach with rental Rp 20.000,- unlimited. In Indrayanti beach, you will be treated to the beauty of the natural landscape that blends white sand beaches, coral reefs, beaches and crystal clear blue water.

Admission prices Indrayanti Beach 
Entrance to this area is super cheap. Only with Rp 5.000,- per person, ana has been able to enjoy the Baron Beach, Krakal beach, Kukup beach, Sepanjang beach, Sundak Beach, and Drini beach.

Routes to Indrayanti Beach 
Nowadays it is not difficult to find a route to the coast Indrayanti. In addition to the already well-known, board instructions also provide clear direction. From Jogjakarta, just follow the path leading to Wonosari. After passing the city limits-Gunungkidul Yogyakarta, not far from there were no signs of green color indicates the direction DLLAJ turn right to go to the beach Indrayanti. Levy of vehicle counters, located about 9 km away. If maih have time, try also the thrill along the river in the cave that is in Pindul.

Facilities at the beach Indrayanti 
As a tourist class, you can use some of the facilities provided by the manager of such cottages, bathrooms, gazebos, huts the stage, praying, and parking lots. Do not be surprised if the rent is withdrawn because of public facilities require maintenance.

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Rock Climbing in Siung Beach

Siung arguably not as popular Parangtritis beach, Karangbolong beach, Indrayanti beach, or kukup beach. But did you know that Siung has a distinctive allure. Including the most beautiful coral stone of the many beaches on the south coast of the island of Java.
Rock Climbing in Siung Beach
Rock Climbing in Siung Beach
Shaped coral fang 
A special feature is rarely owned cloves Beach other beaches are fantastic waves. You do not try to swim in the beach cloves because the stakes are life. What's the reason? Cloves Beach has a relatively large waves crashing and finished coral reefs on the beach. Arguably similar to Kukup beach, the waves can be as high as the house.

On the beach you can find Klayar magic fountain because it came from the sea, strange is not it? In Siung, you can find a lot of rock climbers looking for a challenge, there are also hunters sunset or sunset, and another unique hobby lovers charm lovers of big waves hit the cliff.

Due to its location is somewhat remote, it's natural Siung still in the Yogyakarta area has not been widely known to the public generally. However, access to the beach Siung already nice and comfortable relaitf skipped. From Yogyakarta Siung to smooth the roads were paved.

Original Siung provide a lasting impression for nature lovers. The road to Siung enough for a car, but feels cramped for a large bus group. Winding terrain and up and down.
Panorama towards Siung so amazing. The Creator shows His power through giant forests and limestone mountains. Terracing in the limestone hills looked so beautiful. Terracing was made regularly tidy up at the bottom of the ravine and formed a giant bowl. Just like open pit mine in Papua.

What's up with that terracing? Terracing along the way to Siung it serves as a field for planting mahogany trees or some kind of production is also planted with crops.

Access to Siung 
Siung Beach
Siung Beach
Siung actually be accessed from multiple directions. The easiest access and are often passed from Yogyakarta passing Wonosari. From Wonosari journey continues to Baron (Baron beach there are already well-known in Central Java-Yogyakarta) to Tepus. In Tepus existing signposts to Siung. At the junction leading to the beach Baron, Krakal, and Kukup, take left to go to the beach cloves. While the straight will be heading to the beach the last three. 
Siung itself into the southern coastal region of Gunungkidul. For visitors from the east, may not melewatai trips to Yogyakarta because it could be increased considerably. Alternative path from the east can be reached via Sukoharjo districts Weru, towards Semin Gunungkidul, to enter the territory Wonosari.

Accommodation in Siung 
Siung already provides a range of facilities that can be used by visitors. Among them are parking, public toilets, mosque, various stalls and hawkers. For lovers of clean beaches, Siung can be used in addition to the beach Indrayanti wishlist. You can see a lot of garbage disposal point. It makes its own traits because many beaches on the southern coast of Yogyakarta less kept clean. 
Another characteristic Siung is a white sandy beach with gently sloping shoreline classified. Many marine animals can you find in the beach behind the rocks at the base of the cloves. But be careful and do not fall asleep, at the base end of a sloping beach can actually come face to face with the ferocious waves. Basic beach straight down the steep and deep. Very similar to Parangtritis can suck a myth that has tourists who were swimming in the ocean. So, you should be wary when playing on the shoreline of the cloves.

Rock Climbing in Siung
Rock Climbing in Siung Beach
For rock climbers, Siung would be familiar to them. The existence of cloves coast including favorite beach to visit. The Creator of the climbing routes as already demonstrated in the cliffs so that people remember and be close to Him.
Climbing lane is formed naturally of a long process of erosion by a massive rock sea water for hundreds of years. These corals form a cluster of tracks that can be climbed, of course, with adequate equipment and supplies.
The legend says that there are more than 250 climbing routes on the beach cloves ranging from ramps to the extreme. For easy reference, on the coast of cloves has been commonly referred to as Block that shows the character of rock climbing lane.
Pathways that already has a name, is equipped with a hanger bolt. Officially, block tercatatat and documented on the beach there are eleven pieces cloves ie block A to block K. Each block has a height ranging from five to 30 meters.
Each block has more than two climbing lanes and each lane has a difficulty level ranging from grade 5.7 to 5:11 as revealed by Muh. Nahdhi in his book published in 2010.

Sunset from the Mount Reef 
Do not have a hobby or rock climbing skill does not prevent you from enjoying the beauty of the gift of the Almighty through the sunset can be seen from the top of the cliff. Some of the cliff can be reached safely without the typical tools pemanjan cliff. 
From the top of the cliff, visitors are immediately confronted with the vast ocean with waves barked at the bottom of the cliff. On the horizon, that's where you can mentadaburi beauty of the sunset. For the adrenaline mediocre, is sensation while meniaki cliff directly challenge the giant waves on the beach cloves. 
At the top of the cliff right just before the sun goes down perfectly, the sun began to rock covered hills and light golden yellow sneak in between the coral. After that the sun will come back out of the bottom side of the reef and the perfect start to sink and the dark began to envelop nature.

Sunrise at Sanur Beach

Bali is known as a tourist destination among tourists both local and foreign. The natural beauty of this island is not only limited to the exotic beaches or the stunning mountainous areas. Bali is also famous for its distinctive charm of the local culture. One of the natural attractions of the tourists is the center visit is Sanur Beach.
Sunrise at Sanur Beach
Sunrise at Sanur Beach
This beach is located in Sanur Village, District Denpasar, Denpasar, Bali. The beach location is considered strategic enough, so it is easily accessible to travelers from outside. Crowds of visitors to this beach is not only because of easy accessibility. Did you know that one of the charms are not forgotten in Sanur beach is beautiful at sunrise?

Sunrise at Sanur Beach 
If you visit the beach, try to provide a special time to enjoy the sunrise. Even some travel agents specifically insert this activity on their travel list. Due to the high enthusiasm of tourists who want to watch the sunset on the beach, special backrest now been provided in the form of tiny huts that serve as the seat of the tourists while waiting for the moment of sunrise on Sanur Beach.

Water sport 
However, if it is the moment you can not enjoy the sunrise, you do not need to be discouraged because the beach is not just presenting a panoramic view of the beautiful sunrise. Big waves is perfect for surfers. Additionally, you can do water sports such as water sports, snorkeling, diving and many others.

Travelling to Sanur Beach is an economical vacation activities. You do not need to allocate a budget for the cost of entry as well as in other tourist attractions. In addition, there is also a vehicle loan facilities to the tourists, so you can go around the beach while cycling, for example, natural treats and enjoy the scenery.

Go to the Sanur Beach 
Not difficult to find Sanur Beach. The beach is located just east of Denpasar Bali. from Denpasar, you can travel by private vehicle to the East, or ride public angkotan toward Sanur. How? Do you feel interested in seeing the beauty of the sunrise or doing water sports while enjoying the natural beauty of Sanur Beach?

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Enchantment Beauty of Sunset Kuta Beach Bali

Who is not familiar with Kuta Beach? The beach is located on the island of Bali is a charm that can not be avoided the tourists either domestic or foreign. In fact, many say that Kuta Beach is one of the most beautiful in the world. Panorama of the waves and the sunset (sunset) presenting separate entertainment for anyone who visit this beach. 
Before becoming famous beaches in Indonesia and even the world, Kuta Beach is just a village that is not inhabited by many people. However, in the 1960s there since tourists come to see the beach, the more other tourists who flock to enjoy its beauty.
Beauty of Sunset Kuta Beach Bali
Beauty of Sunset Kuta Beach Bali
The Beauty of Kuta Beach Sand Granules
Compared to the beaches in Bali other, Kuta beach sand look whiter. Many tourists who praised the beauty of the grain of sand for even more travelers to and fro there, the beauty of the sand was still awake. Grains of white sand beach is as attract tourists to come back.
Given the amount of sand at Kuta Beach has decreased due to various reasons such as waves or wind swept, local governments seek to spread to some areas of sand on the beach to keep the sand beach, so visitors can still enjoy the stunning beaches of sand waves.
Another activity that can be done in Kuta Beach Bali is Bungee Jumping and Slingshot, or just enjoy the sunset that beauty is not a secret anymore. Enjoying a night in Kuta as endless. Not far from the beach, there are a series of culinary and souvenir shops are open until late at night.

Towards the Kuta Beach 
There are several route options to Kuta Beach, could of Buleleng, Ubud, Seminyak and Ngurah Rai Airport. If you are from Seminyak, the distance to get to the beach is about 4.4 km, while the distance of about 3.7 km Ubud. However, if from Ngurah Rai Airport, you can arrive in Kuta in about 5 minutes, because the distance is only 1.5 miles. 
If you wish to enjoy the roar of the big waves and the beauty of the white sand at Kuta Beach, it would not hurt you to spend a weekend there.

Nature and Culture in Bali

Bali to save a million charm as forcing all eyes to turn to it. Where tourists never hear a word from Bali? Even for tourists mancanegara often we hear jokes, "I've been to Bali but have never been to Indonesia". I do not know who started it, Bali is keeping many treasures charming good destination Nature or Culture.
Nature and Culture in Bali
Nature and Culture in Bali
In addition to the natural beauty of the exotic, Bali is also an area that has a very diverse culture and interesting uni. No wonder if used as a symbol of Bali Indonesia tourism and tourist favorite universal number three in France after Paris and Rome in Italy who becomes the prey of both domestic and foreign travelers.
Balinese culture is a unique combination of spirituality, religious traditions, and art. Religion is considered an art and it seems almost everyone Bali is an artist who spent spare time devoted to applying skills and images which have been passed down from generation to generasisemenjak young age. Expressed through beautiful and intricate paintings, extraordinary carvings, woven great even in rice decorations that include various temples are found in public places, in the fields or at home, island living with art and religious respect.
When we want to talk about whether it's Bali natural beauty, cultural diversity, seta its attractions, it may take several volumes to write considering Bali is a tourist attraction that is rich in natural attractions, cultural tours, adventure tours, art, culinary, shopping, and a variety of other attractions.

Various infrastructure and facilities like star hotels, inns, and inns built by the local government and employers to support the comfort of the tourists. The natives are friendly and tolerant Bali is another factor that makes Bali as a favorite tourist spot for visitors who come to the island of Bali.

Traditional Balinese village 
Traditional village in Bali is divided on the basis of the unity of place. Most of the land area is owned by the villagers as individuals but some others are existing soil under the supervision of the village or in concrete under the supervision of village leaders called Karang village. The villages in the mountains usually have a centralized settlement patterns. While villages have train system and the villages in the plain areas having dispersed pattern. Therefore, it is important to know more villages that are unique in terms of customs and its traditions.

Pura Bali
More than 10,000 buildings on the island of Bali Pura there is a worship place of Hindu Balinese citizens. In addition to being a place of worship, Pura is also often used as the venue for ceremonial seingga many tourists are attracted to visit the temple.

Park and temple building that will be loaded and cultural nuances of Balinese temple in Bali makes a unique sights and interesting choice. Among these is the temple pura Besakih, Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, Pura Lawah and Taman Ayun temple is an example of a frequently visited tourist mancanegara a tender age.

Tari Bali
In addition to natural attractions and cultural famous snagat to mancanegara, Bali also has a very traditional dance uni until I few people, especially the tourists who want to explore different dance Bali. Traditional Balinese dances are typically held on the rituals and religious customs in their temple as a place of worship. Some of them choreographed dance popular pendet, gambuh, being attractive, propellant, and dance Sanghyang Dedari.

Art Tour Ubud Bali 
For more than 80 years, is located in Ubud Gianyar regency, Bali, enthralled the tourists mancanegara. Ubud serves imprint memories in the hearts of every person who came to visit. 
Even Ubud became the search for love Elizabeth Gilbert author of Eat, Pray and Love are then lifted to the big screen with the same title and starring Hollywood actress Julia Robert. There are multiple modes of experience can be extracted by travelers in Ubud. 
  Ubud itself is seen as a center of art and culture of Bali. No wonder, every single tourist activity in relation to culture, closeness to nature, spirituality, and the relationship between human sesame. Each activity in Ubud in the end has been capable of profound impression for tourists.

Adventure Tour Package in Bali
For those of you who like the adventure (petalangan nature), the island of Bali is one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia that provide natural and complete infrastructure. Due to such high interest in adventure tourism in Bali, many travel agents compete to offer packages in Bali adventure tour in Bali.
Currently the dominating demand in Bali adventure tour packages are foreign tourists, especially from Australia. As for domestic tourists, although demand is not much, but every year showed significant improvement.
As is well known, the island of Bali is famous for its natural beauty and unique culture that is different from other tourist attractions. Hall is what makes the island of the gods as a favorite tourist destination for many domestic and foreign tourists, particularly Australia. Understandably, the distance is relatively close to Australia and Bali. And in part for travelers, a vacation to Bali make opium.

Culinary Tourism in Bali
Less complete it if a holiday to Bali without tasting the specialties of the island of the gods. Here is some information on food, beverages, snacks, places to eat, places to hang out, a place to relax and dine in Bali.

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Lawang Sewu Semarang

Lawang Sewu become one of the most talked about city of Semarang. Not unique in name only, sometimes for some people there who associate with the mystical. Whatever it is, Lawang Sewu is a historic building, many times become operational offices of government agencies, and has now become one of the favorite tourist destinations in Semarang.
Lawang Sewu Semarang
Lawang Sewu Semarang
Lawang Sewu is derived from the vocabulary of the Java language. Lawang Sewu is a door and a thousand. Yes, Lawang Sewu mean Thousand doors in Indonesian. Why a thousand? Is such sewu temple in Yogyakarta due to a thousand in number? Naming it Lawang Sewu is closely related to the design of the building itself. Due to the large door in the building so the past Semarang call Lawang Sewu which describes how much the door of a building.

Lawang Sewu is located in the central area of the city of Semarang, precisely on the east lau Tugu Muda. The building prominently located adjacent to the building and Pandanaran. Once when it was first built in 1904 AD, Lawang Sewu used as canto Nederlands-Indische Maatschappij Spoorweg (NIS). NIS commissioned Professor Jacob F. Klinkhamer from Delft technical high schools and BJ Ouendag an architect who is domiciled in Amsterdam.

The entire design process Lawang Sewu done in the Netherlands. Seeing blueprint Lawang Sewu writing that the site plan and building plans drawn Lawang Sewu in Amsterdam in 1903. Simultaneously with the completeness of his images, made ​​and signed in Amsterdam in 1903.

Number of doors of this building is not exactly a thousand pieces. Just because a lot of his trademark circuitry building doors and windows is called Lawang Sewu.
After the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, Lawang Sewu building used as an office Djawatan Repoeblik Indonesian Railways (DKARI) or now known as PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI). Furthermore, penrah also be used by the military as an office Infrastructure Agency Regional Military Command (military command IV/Diponegoro). Ministry of Transportation had also regional offices ( offices ) it is based in Lawang Sewu.

Lawang Sewu is loaded with historical events leading up to independence from Dutch colonial RI. When that happens the battle in Semarang five days (October 14 to October 19 1945). This building was a silent witness to a great battle between the Young Generation Train (AMKA) against Kempeitai and Kidobutai, troops formed the Japanese invaders.
Today, the old building has undergone phase Lawang Sewu conservation and revitalization undertaken by units Preservation of historic objects PT. KAI Persero.

Semarang's history can not be separated or forgotten from the time when people stopped on the north coast of the Chinese mainland Semarang. Admiral Zheng He, a Chinese Muslim nomad who is believed to be the first to set Kakiya Chinese in Semarang. In Gang Lombok, one of the centers in Semarang's Chinatown where there are replica ships Admiral Zheng floated in the river.

Typical Lumpia Semarang

In addition to Admiral Cheng Ho's ship, in Gang Lombok is also recognized as the forerunner of the first times the typical food of Semarang, Lumpia, was introduced to the public. Gang Lombok became the headquarters of the seller Lumpia. Even for loyal travelers Semarang certainly familiar even already familiar with the shop owner spring rolls were very crowded even famous and many times covered by newspapers in Gang Lombok.

Lumpia Gang Lombok point in the already famous spring rolls are a favorite shop for souvenirs. Even the spring rolls are believed to be the provider of it still original. The spring rolls stalls managed for generations, which is now the third generation.
Lumpia Semarang is typical, there are two kinds, namely wet spring rolls and fried spring rolls. The spring rolls pleasures will be more complete if accompanied with lettuce, Semarang typical sauce is thick, and fresh chives (loncang).
That Semarang, sights and food alloys typically been famous all over the country. Semarang holidays, not complete if not to Lawang Sewu and carrying a fruit spring rolls hand.

Sunset charm Anyer Beach

Anyer beach is a prime tourist spot beach in Banten province. If at Sanur Beach Bali you will be amazed by the beautiful sunrise; otherwise in Anyer Beach, Serang, Banten, your eyes will be amazed by the scenery sunset. The beauty of the waves that blend in with the sand making scattering travelers from home and abroad to feel complacent and willing to spend a long time on this beach.
Sunset charm Anyer Beach
Sunset charm Anyer Beach
Anyer beach in Anyer Sub-district, Serang - Banten. It could be argued that the location is quite close to Jakarta, only about 160 miles from the capital city of the country. So many people taidak wonder jikwa Jakarta who spends his spare time good when the long vacation or a weekend getaway at the beach.

Sunset in Anyer Beach 
For some people, sunset or sunset at Anyer Beach presents its own nuances for the visitors. They state that they feel the tiredness after a long day at the tourist destination melt after sunset on the beach facing the West. 
Turning the other way, you also enjoy views of Mount Krakatoa that seem perched above the sea. Enchantment of the beach is also not inferior to the other coast of Java and Bali. Here, you can enjoy a variety of water sports such as banana boating, jet skiing, snorkeling and diving.

Culinary in Anyer Beach
To remove the hunger and thirst after of activity on the beach, you can taste the specialties of Banten which sold around the coast. Famous menu is seafood along the coast, fresh fish soup, fried skin melinjo with anchovy, stewed milkfish, tongseng, and flakes of sweet spicy very suitable as souvenirs for the family at home.

Moving route Anyer Beach
 1. Strip Land. If using a strip of land, you can start the trip from Jakarta. From Jakarta, you can pass the Jakarta - Merak toll road with a range of a 2-hour journey before proceeding to the Toll Road West to further Cilegon to Anyer. However, if you are from the Assault, you can go directly to Anyer to estimate a distance of about 50 miles.
 2. Strip Car. If using a strip car, you can take the train majors Jakarta-Merak. Then head further public transport device Anyer Beach.

The beauty of the sunset at Anyer Beach is going to be a salve for weeks after doing the activity. Enjoy.

Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park

Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park is one of the eccentric and favorite tourist destinations in the province  Banten. Precisely in the northern coastal district of Tangerang. Tanjung Pasir crocodile park which is near from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is a large-scale crocodile breeding places precisely located on Jl. Raya Tanjung Pasir, Tangerang.
Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park
Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park
To enter the crocodile park attractions this unique Tanjung Pasir, the visitors do not have to pay for expensive. Simply by paying the entrance fee of Rp. 8.000, - per person for adults and Rp 4,000, - for children, visitors can enjoy unlimited travel this extreme.

Not hard to find the location of the Tanjung Pasir crocodile park Tangerang. Because at the front edge of the entrance there is a large crocodile statue which is located 20 meters from the edge of the road. If you are going on holiday to Tanjung Pasir past the headland sand highway, will definitely look at the giant statue that is located in the street right sisin.
Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park area of Tangerang is very spacious. So that visitors do not have to worry about the parking lot. In tourist areas there are crocodile pools are distinguished based on their age.
Visitors can see all sides of the edge of the cage without worrying exposed to hot sun, because around the enclosure shaded by awning. Complete with some simple seating to simply unwind while enjoying the young coconut.
Alligator collection owned by the Crabbing Tajung sand 500 tail more, from young children up to the age of 40 years. Not many crocodiles are capable of reaching the age of 70 years or more.

In addition to the natural spectacle of captive crocodiles, no other events such variations attraction alligator handler. Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park does not seem to think providing alligator attraction for visitors. In Tajung Sand Crocodile Park is said there is a collection of one of the largest crocodile in Indonesia

Friday, May 16, 2014

Things to do on Victoria Day Weekend in Toronto

By: Ishita Ghelani, Humber Student & International Centre Marketing & Communications Intern
As an international student in Canada, there are a lot of things that you can do during your stay: make new friends, try different shopping malls, restaurants, bars/pubs, try a new sport or even visit different cities. The possibilities are infinite! Moving to a new country is as good as a blank canvas that can be painted the way you want-beautifully of course.

In Toronto, one may want to experience the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, visit the CN Tower (the tallest structure in Canada). If you are a water baby or like sea views like me, you may want to visit the Harbourfront Centre.

So, for the people who are still exploring, there's something to cheer about - Victoria Day Weekend is here!

Victoria Day a statuary holiday that is celebrated every year on the last Monday on or before May 24 in honour of Queen Victoria's birth (May 24, 1819). This year, Victoria Day is on Monday, May 19, which makes this weekend a long weekend! It is one of the most popular holidays as it also marks the unofficial start of summer and gardening season. People open their cottages, start barbecuing, etc.

Apart from the opportunity of a getaway to mini-vacation, there is one thing that people must attend at least once in their lifetime on Victoria Day: fireworks.

This year, fireworks will be conducted at Ashbridge’s Bay on Monday, May 19 at 9:45 p.m. (free to attend but get there early to get a good spot!) Canada’s Wonderland will be hosting  fireworks on Sunday, May 18 at approximately 10:00 p.m. (free with admission to the park).

For people who have planned to stay in town for the weekend, here is a list of malls that are open the is weekend and on Victoria Day: 
  • The Eaton Centre
  • Yorkdale (closed on Monday)
  • Fairview (closed on Monday)
  • Sherway Gardens (closed on Monday)
  • Scarborough Town Centre (closed on Monday)
  • Vaughan Mills

Some attractions that are open during the long weekend are: 
Photo Source:
If you want to celebrate the long weekend in style, you can either go on a day-time cruise at Jubilee Queen Cruises or go to the Centre Island via the Toronto Ferry Docks. You can stay at the island from morning till evening and head back to one of the locations that is hosting the fireworks to see the magnificent view!

If you are travelling around the city via TTC or GO Transit on Monday, please keep in mind that both of them will be working on a holiday schedule.

Photo Credit: Gavin Lu
The picture above  was taken by Gavin Lu, an international student at Humber who witnessed the beautiful fireworks last year in Toronto at High Park. After seeing this picture, I am definitely enticed, fascinated, and motivated to attend it for the first time this year. Where are you going? Please do let us know about your plans. Share your pictures of how you spent your first Victoria Day Weekend in Canada by tweeting us at @HumberGlobal and using the hash tag #VictoriaDay!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Welcoming our SEDS delegation from Indonesia

This article originally appeared on Humber Communiquè

The International Development Institute is pleased to welcome 28 of our Indonesian partners from the Sulawesi Economic Development Strategy (SEDS) project to Humber from May 12–June 21, 2014. The SEDS project pairs Humber with 7 universities in Sulawesi, Indonesia, to increase the capacity of the partner institutes to foster entrepreneurship within their student bodies, and to bolster small and medium    size enterprises (SMEs) in the community.

Following two Training-of-Trainers workshops conducted by Humber faculty in Sulawesi, the delegation of Indonesian lecturers will spend six weeks in Toronto experiencing first-hand how entrepreneurship is taught and fostered at Humber, as well as interacting with the wider business community and visiting successful local SMEs.

The SEDS delegation will be working with Humber staff and faculty from many departments, including the Centre for Teaching and Learning, the International Centre, the Business School and more. Their visit provides an exciting opportunity for our visiting partners, and Humber faculty and students to learn from one another, exploring best practices in Canada and Indonesia. We hope you will join us in welcoming them, and please stop by and say hello if you are at the Lakeshore Campus!

For more information on the SEDS project please visit: The International Development Institute's website

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu)

Thousand Islands is a tourist spot around Jakarta's most favorite because it is close, enough to cross by boat only and we can enjoy the beauty of the Thousand Islands coast. As the name suggests, the Thousand Islands has many islands, such as Angel Island, the Island Princess, Island Ayer, Sepa Island, Island Pantara, etc. with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Tips from me is if you want to stay in the Thousand Islands, bring supplies for example drinks and snacks because if you buy in the Thousand Islands, the price can be very expensive.
Kepulauan Seribu
Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu)

Forest City Depok

Depok forest located at the University of Indonesia presents the natural beauty in the middle of the city. Many lovers of the forest atmosphere that came to Forest City Depok for walking, cycling, exercising, and fishing in the lake. If you want to stay, there is a specialty called Wisma Makara.

Hutan Kota Depok
Forest City Depok

Flower Garden Widya Mandala Krida Bakti Cibubur

Flower Garden Widya Mandala Krida Bakti Cibubur built by President Suharto in 1980 on a plot of land measuring approximately 15 acres. Although less well known, this place is one of the tourist attractions around Jakarta which has a lot of green plants and colorful flowers. Also in this place there is also a swimming pool, children's playground, and various kinds of water games. The price of admission Flower Garden Widya Mandala Krida Cibubur Scout Bakti not expensive, only 6,000 IDR per person. To scout cheaper. Ticket prices pool is 12,000 IDR for a normal day, and 18,000 IDR for weekends and holidays.

Taman Bunga Widya Mandala Krida Bakti Pramuka Cibubur
Flower Garden Widya Mandala Krida Bakti Cibubur

Water Boom Lippo Cikarang

Lippo Cikarang Water Boom is a water park covering an area of approximately 3.4 acres with a capacity of 7,000 people and visitor car parking capacity of 500 cars. The concept of a tourist area Lippo Cikarang Water Boom is a beautiful Balinese environment so as to present a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Existing facilities at Lippo Cikarang Water Boom is the current pool, adult pool, children's pool, pool cheerful, the food court, spa, children's play area, outbound, until the fish therapy. Water Boom Lippo Cikarang is open every day of the admission price IDR 55,000 on weekdays and 85,000 rupiah on weekends and holidays.

Water Boom Lippo Cikarang
Water Boom Lippo Cikarang

The Jungle Bogor

The Jungle is one of the most water rides complete game in Bogor district with an area of ​​approximately 3.6 hectares. Located in Bogor Nirwana Residence, The Jungle very crowded with families looking for fun entertainment. Vehicle type and facilities available in The Jungle that is a children's pool, waterslide long, relaxing pool, whirlpool, water futsal area, Cinema 4D, a haunted house, a dining area, a bird park, children's play area non water, lift, store souvenirs, snow rides, paintball, gokart, and flying fox.
The Jungle Bogor
The Jungle Bogor

Bogor Botanical Gardens

Bogor Botanical Gardens are located in the city of Bogor is a great weekend destination for residents of Jakarta, Bogor, and surrounding areas. Bogor Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden with an area of ​​approximately 87 acres and has more than 15,000 plants so it is perfect for picnic activities and lounging. In addition it is also ideal place to take pictures and exercise because the air is cool and fresh. The most famous collection owned by the Garden is the corpse flower which is the largest flower in the world, and the palm trees of the oldest in Southeast Asia.
Bogor Botanical Gardens
Bogor Botanical Gardens

Monday, May 12, 2014

Bali Tour Events for Families to Experience

"Bali Tour Events for Families to Experience"|"Bali Tour Packages Affordable Leisure on a Wonderful Spot"When you are preparing BaliTour, you should discover hotels and resorts developed along with families on your mind, particularly choices that will provide enjoyable, varied activities for teens along with discounts. Beach hotels typically provide the very best experiences for families, as a result of enjoyable water sporting activities and plenty of varied activities are merely techniques due to hotel. Choose rooms which are spacious sufficient for families, people who could accommodate four folks or suites along with connecting doors. These give a few somewhat of privacy, even though still supplying you with straightforward admittance to the actual kids. A separate pool for teens is desirable, given that they could have plenty of enjoyable in the safer placing when compared to the ocean. Playgrounds are quite convenient for that youngest kids.

Bali Tour are good for journey seekers of all ages. With the amount of wild, remote parts that will are offered, visitors can have a lot of opportunities to come across wildlife. The Bird Park (Taman Burung) upon the approach to Ubud is a preferred spot to view totally different bird species that each one ages can enjoy. There is additionally a pleasant reptile park subsequent door that will characteristics Komodo dragons. Hiking with the native rainforests and across ancient rice terraces beneath the path in an experienced guide is an activity that's constantly worth making an attempt. The Ayung River gives very fine rafting opportunities for older kids who will be fairly cozy inside the water.

Another enjoyable section of Bali Tour involves seeing the majority of the dances which are common inside the space. These dances are a significant section of several native Hindu festivals. In several cases, they're a solution to illustrating native folklore or tales from Hindu beliefs. There is plenty of exciting music as well as the dancers wear colorful costumes. There are many places the place these dances could be witnessed. The Kecak Trance and Fire Dance is particularly thrilling and highly regarded. Shopping parts frequented by tourists are frequently host to dance teams. At hotels, performances from the poolside are typical. You could have the very best expertise by seeing dances in possibly one of the villages, places to discover native culture.

Many Bali Tour are not thought of being full while not tours that will specialise in totally different elements of native existence. Handicraft tours, painting categories and cooking categories are possibly one of the best methods to know concerning crafts, native art and Balinese cuisine. The characteristic practices of such activities are handed down through generations. You could notice textiles, carvings and paintings, try out your hand in developing a masterpiece of art or perhaps just creating skewers of tasty fish satay (Satay Lilit). Volcano tours, together with airplane and helicopter trips, give a close-up glance at the energetic volcanoes that fascinate several visitors. In addition to volcanoes, you'll be able to vacation to view parts used as pilgrimage sites by Buddhists and Hindus (Uluwatu, Ulun Danu and Tanah Lot). If spiritual sites are appealing, do not miss a chance to begin to see the several sacred Hindu temples across Bali (Tirta Empul). They are frequently quite elaborate and therefore are attention-grabbing for visitors of totally different backgrounds. 

Humber College Students Study at Sea

By: ISEComms, reflections of Humber students
A version of this article originally appeared on Enrichment Voyages.

For the sixth straight year, Mary Lendway, a professor at Humber, joined the spring Enrichment Voyage with 39 students and aseveral colleagues.

Each year, a group of curious minds from the College’s Tourism Management, Broadcast Television, Food & Nutrition Management, Culinary Management and Fitness & Health Promotion programs set sail. Before disembarking, the students sent us their reflections from the past two weeks traveling on the MV Explorer.

Tourism Management students have presented at each pre-port meeting, Broadcast Television students have been filming on board and at each port, and Fitness & Health Promotion students have been running morning exercise classes every day. While participants from each program are working within their curriculum, there are also opportunities for students to learn from each other and from their shared experiences.

In Morocco, we had the opportunity to participate as a group on a service visit to the SOS Children’s Village in Ait Ourir, just outside Marrakesh. If you saw professor Mary Lendway’s lecture on voluntourism you will know that finding a way to support the communities you visit may also offer a deeper more meaningful experience for the traveler.

SOS Children’s Village organization has been working to meet the needs and protect the rights of children around the world since 1949. This NGO helps children who are living without their biological families by providing a safe and nurturing home environment. Humber students worked in the village gardens all afternoon, weeding and planting, followed by an energetic soccer game with the children. A significant amount of funds were raised before the voyage to donate to the village, and we brought toys and supplies for the children too. Many Humber students did not want to leave. It was a meaningful experience for all participants.

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Students on this journey will bring their Enrichment Voyage experiences back to share with the Humber College community, and their time on this voyage may also help them launch meaningful careers.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Attractive Tourism in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta has long been known as a city of students. Yogyakarta is a city that still feels strong culture. If you're happy with cultural attractions, visiting Yogyakarta is the right choice as there are a variety of cultural sites of interest to attend.
Yogyakarta is a city that became a tourist destination in Indonesia. The city is infused with strong Javanese culture does have its own appeal. Friendly attitude of the people living understated, cultural buildings, typical food, beautiful crafts is an attraction of the city of Yogyakarta. What will you find in this student city?
Javanese atmosphere immediately felt the moment you set foot in this city. Thick Javanese accent coloring corner of the city population. Traditional transportation such as buggy, tricycle or bicycle became a common sight in the city of Yogyakarta. Do not forget to stop in tempet following places and will be feel the beauty and atmosphere of culture that is still maintained its sustainability.

Tugu Yogyakarta 

Tugu Yogyakarta has been built since 3 centuries ago. Is a landmark of the city of Yogyakarta is rich in historical value. This monument is located at the crossroads Mangkubumi, Sudirman, AM Sangaji and Diponegoro. 

Sultan Palace 

Yogyakarta has a government that respected citizens. Royal palace of Yogyakarta sultanate became a symbol of the city. Yogyakarta Sultanate is a fraction of the Mataram kingdom. Jogjakarta Sultanate became famous when led by Sultan Agung which becomes its heyday. Kraton is home of the Sultan and the family. 
The location where the establishment of a palace or the palace of Yogyakarta was previously a swamp forest and banyan named Bannerman Pacetokan. Keraton Yogya has a unique building and the building looks magnificent with accessories attached Java, you just can not arbitrarily enter it.

Puro Pakualaman 

The palace was built in the time of Mataram. Its size is smaller than the Keraton Yogyakarta. Puro Pakualaman made ​​with south-facing symbolizing respect to the main palace. 

Great House (Gedung Agung)

Also known by the name of Department of State. In the beginning was the residence of the residents of the 18th Yogyakarta. Then turn into the Presidential Palace is home to the President of RI and family and to be the main building of the complex Presidential Palace of Yogyakarta. 

Bank Indonesia Building 

Not far from Great House Bank Indonesia Building stands. 3-storey building features a beautiful Dutch-style architecture. The building was once used as a bank with different functions on each floor. 

Fort Vredeburg 

The fortress was built in 1760. Arti Vredeburg name means peace. Located not far from the Great House and the House of Bank Indonesia.

Taman Sari

Taman Sari means beautiful garden and fragrant. At first, it was used as a bathing place royal family. Now, these baths are not used anymore , but the structure of the building and a beautiful swimming baths is still a tourist attraction in Yogyakarta.


Is the name of the famous street in Jogjakarta. This road is quite long with markers Station Yogyakarta palace on one side and on the other side. Along the way, many local specialty food vendors, batik, souvenirs or to serve as a souvenir. The street is always crowded with tourists.

Beringharjo Market

Is a market that was founded in 1925. Beringharjo Name is the name given by the lane IX and has a sense of well-being. Location establishment Beringharjo previously a banyan forest. In this market you can buy batik cloth or clothing at bargain prices.


In the 16th century, this area was once the capital of the Kingdom of Mataram. An area that is famous for silver. Most of the people working as a silversmith. They make a variety of jewelery and ornaments of silver. The handicrafts are being hunted to serve as a souvenir from Yogyakarta.

Sonobudoyo Museum

In this museum there is a collection of archaeological and ethnological originating from various areas such as Cirebon, Central Java, East Java, Madura ,Lombok. The museum was inaugurated in 1935 by the lane VII.
It is not surprising if considered as a cultural city of Yogyakarta. Many historic buildings, stories, trinkets and culture, many people feel comfortable when staying in this city.

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple complex in Southeast Asia stands majestically in Central Java, not far from Yogyakarta. Location of Prambanan temple is also not too far to Borobudur Buddhist temple which is the largest and most famous in the world. Such as Borobudur, Prambanan is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Prambanan Temple
Prambanan Temple
Bandung Bondowoso dan Rara Jonggrang Legend
According to legend fell down in the Central Javanese, Prambanan Temple erected by the Bandung Kota Baru to get a Jonggrang Rara is beautiful daughter of the king of Prambanan Government was colonized by the Bandung Kota Baru. If Rara Jonggrang BONDOWOSO Bandung rejected the proposal, the government will increasingly suffer Prambanan, while Rara Jonggrang not like Bandung Kota Baru. 
Short stories, Rara Jonggrang told that it is ready to be a wife Bandung Kota Baru on one condition, namely Bandung thousand temple in Magelang developing overnight. Bandung, Magelang and able to take the membangung thousand temple with the help of a genie. That same night, Bandung, Magelang almost complete Rara request Jonggrang Thousand Temples.
Rara Jonggrang fear of seeing the demand can be met Bondowoso. Until finally with the help of the ladies, Rara Jonggrang straw burning on the east side and pounding rice so as to create the atmosphere of early morning. Because look at the day ahead of the morning, the genie frightened and ran out of the work of making a thousand temples. 
The next morning, Rara Jonggrang with Bondowoso count the number of temples that have been successfully created. It did not reach a thousand temples, but there are only 999 temples were successfully fabricated by Bondowoso jin forces. Having failed to meet the requirements of Rara Jonggrang and finally he knew that his failure to fraud Jonggrang Rara, then cursed Rara Bondowoso Jonggrang into stone statues to complement the loveliest be a thousand temples.
Finally Rara Jonggrang a statue of Durga Mahisashuramardini available in the space north of the main temple at Prambanan Temple. That's why the Prambanan Temple is often referred to by the community as Candi Rara Jonggrang. While Candi Sewu (Buddhist temple) which is not far from Prambanan Temple is regarded as a successful 999 other temples made ​​Bandung Kota Baru.
History of Prambanan Temple
Hindu doctrine has three main gods are Brahma (the creator god), Vishnu (the god of preserver), and Shiva (the god of destruction). Temple was built to honor Lord Shiva. That's why the original name Prambanan is Siwagrha which means "house of Shiva".
Temple was built by Sanjaya dynasty dynasty or in the timeframe that is similar to the Borobudur temple which is around the 8th century and 9th century AD. The goal is to match the grandeur of Borobudur temple which was built by the dynasty or Buddhist Sailendra dynasty.
Rakai Pikatan is the king who began to build a Prambanan Temple in 850 BC. Rakai Pikatan is a descendant of Sanjaya. Sanjaya is the founder of the Kingdom Medang or Ancient Mataram Kingdom. Then the kingdom of Medang there are two or dynasty dynasty, which dynasty Mahayana Buddhist Sailendra and successfully built Borobudur and Hindu Sanjaya dynasty Shiva who also managed to build a Prambanan temple.
Prambanan temple complex being built by the kings successor Rakai Pikatan to build additional hundreds of temples around the main temple. Various important ceremonies and rites Hindu Kingdom of Mataram performed at Prambanan since that time.

Lost and Found Back 
Since the 9th century, Prambanan is becoming obsolete because of the capital Mataram Kingdom moved to East Java. Then Merapi eruption and earthquakes in the 16th century, Prambanan temple building collapsed. But the temple ruins still recognizable communities and began Rara Jonggrang legend that developed in Central Java community. 
Prambanan temple began to be rediscovered and to the attention of historians in 1811, when Colin Mackenzie who worked for Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (the British occupation in Indonesia) found Prambanan. However, this temple remains neglected even many statues and temples of rock taken. 
It was only in 1918, began Prambanan restored. Reconstruction of the main temple of Shiva temple was completed in 1953 and inaugurated by President Soekarno. And in 1991, UNESCO include Prambanan temple as a World Heritage Site.

The grandeur of Prambanan Temple 
Prambanan temple complex consists of 240 temples. Form towering temple is typical of Hindu temple and has three zones namely:
  • Bhurloka, That is the lowest zone, where human, animal, and even demons. This zone includes the outer courtyard and the foot of the temple.
  • Bhuwarloka, Namely the central zone, where holy men and ascetics. This zone includes the central courtyard and the building of the temple.
  • Swarloka, That is the highest zone, the place of the gods. This zone includes a courtyard and roof of the temple is a gem (similar to the shape of a Buddhist stupa in the temple).

Shiva temple is the largest building and a main building in the temple complex of Prambanan. The height reached 47 meters. That's why this temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. There are also building a large temple to the god Brahma and Lord Vishnu are not as big as the temple to the god Shiva. The third building of this temple called Trimurti temple. 
Then in the third near the main temple, there are three large temples but not as big as the Trimurti temple. This temple is called as temple spacecraft consisting of Nandi temple, Garuda temple and temple Geese. 
In addition, there are also other temples around the temple and temple Trimurti rides, like 2 pieces Apit temple, temple color 4, 4 Temple Stakes and 244 Perwara small.

Prambanan Museum 
In addition to the Prambanan temple complex, can also be found here Prambanan Museum which presents a variety of stones and statues found around the temple complex of Prambanan. There is also a replica of the treasure found in the temple complex of Prambanan. 

Prambanan and Borobudur are two magnificent temples that once stood in Indonesian. Building Prambanan and Borobudur Indonesia show how people make a magnificent building with a very complex architecture since ancient times.